Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The One Thing That Gives Covert Narcissists Away

There is one thing that gives away a covert narcissist – the wolf in sheep’s clothing – even early on. Can you guess what it is?

READ: The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: How To Spot A Covert Narcissist And The One Thing That Always Gives Them Away

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2 thoughts on “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The One Thing That Gives Covert Narcissists Away

  1. Excellent article as always, Shahida. I particularly like the part, “These predators can come across as agreeable, kind, successful, giving, even shy, insecure and introverted;” because I think the common misconception is that these type of people come across as extremely self-assured and arrogant from the get-go…

  2. “If you’re dealing with a person who rarely gives you a straight answer to a straight question, is always making excuses for doing hurtful things, tries to make you feel guilty, or uses any of the other tactics to throw you on the defensive and get their way, you can assume you’re dealing with a person who — no matter what else he may be — is covertly aggressive.”- I’ve experienced these behaviors across a spectrum with various people. It has been men more often than not who present with almost a checklist of symptoms to where women I’ve experienced as more compartmentalized? Women, as I’ve experienced, may only become aggressive or defensive regarding certain kinds of exchanges or situations, for instance, around setting boundaries or relationship bids for compassion. The narcissistic men I’ve known just seem to drip with an insatiable anger and hunger which comes out as sexual innuendos, power tripping, privilege blindness, general hatred towards anything or anyone they can’t ‘fix’, a frightening disregard for other people’s feelings, etc. Although one of my favorite exchanges was with a female. I asked her to slow down in traffic once and instead of slowing down, taking note of the fact that my hands were braced on the door and ceiling, she told me a long story about her driving expertise having lived in large cities. Thanks for this.

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