While I normally don’t write about politics on this blog, if you have voted for someone who has promised to take away my rights as well as the rights of countless other people, the political becomes personal. The personal is political, and malignant narcissism in politics has never been at such a height as it is now.

I want to extend a message of hope for those of you who are currently struggling with the results of this year’s presidential election. Your race, your religion, your sexuality, your gender, your immigration status, your disability status, your survivor status – all deserve to be respected. You have rights and they deserve to be respected. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that there would have been an “equal” outcome regardless of which presidential candidate was chosen – because we all know there was only one presidential candidate who promoted racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexual assault and xenophobia at such an alarming level, and he has now been elected into office.

Don’t believe me? Read what a licensed therapist who works with survivors of narcissistic abuse has to say about the two candidates in “It’s Not a Democrat or Republican Thing, It’s a Human Rights Thing.”


I am sorry if any privilege blinds you to the fact that the other candidate, regardless of any flaws or transgressions, would’ve been far better for women of color, Muslims, LGBTW communities, undocumented communities, disabled communities – but those are the facts. If you struggle to see this, please try to acknowledge your privilege and realize that your vote had a devastating impact on those who are already disadvantaged.

During this tumultuous time, I ask that you no longer be silent or ashamed about the facets of your identity that others will want you to eradicate. I ask you to fight, not just for yourself but for others. I ask that you see beyond any privilege you may have to consider the impact of hatred and discrimination upon those who are less privileged. I ask that you continue to build a world that you would feel both your sons and your daughters would feel safe to live in. Because the world America just chose? Is not safe for anyone.

I ask that you remember that the rights of immigrants, LGBTQ communities, Muslims, people of color, disabled people, and survivors of sexual assault all matter too. No matter who you are or where you come from, I ask that you never stop fighting for the rights of others. I ask that you never stop fighting for yourself. Even in the darkest of times, even in the most trying of circumstances, I ask you to not remain silent for the sake of your oppressors. I ask that you not be the oppressor.

I ask that you be the liberator, to lend a hand to the voiceless when they need it, to give strength and comfort to those who are in pain. Our hearts may be breaking but our spirits remain intact. In unity, in respect for diversity, in teaching our children to be proud about who they are and who they may become, to be respectful of the backgrounds of others – that is how we can rise again from the devastation.

Narcissists, whether in relationships or in office, remind us yet again that what we have to fight for. What is important. What we deserve. What we are worthy of. In love and light, I hope today you remember why your rights and the rights of others are so important and why your voice is so needed. Never stop fighting. Never give in. Never give up.

In love and light,


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